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Fellowships, Mark Thomas, Angela Abt

3/30/23 An introduction to Spiritual Insight Training

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An Introduction to Spiritual Insight Training

Cost to attend: $10  (FREE after Flicker Rebate: When you attend this event, you will receive $10 Flicker Store Credit!)

Join Mark Thomas, Co-Founder of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy and Rev. Angie Abt, a Registered Lily Dale Medium, graduate, and faculty member of the school, for this fun and experiential evening of mediation, healing, and intuitive/mediumship development; the three components to Fellowships of the Spirit’s most sought-after course.

They will be discussing the uniqueness of the Spiritual Insight Training program as well as demonstrating some of what can be learned in the four-day retreat being offered on 3 separate weekends this spring and summer.

You will learn the basics of meditation and Mark will take you through an exercise you can use at home for centering and connecting to the silence within. Everyone, no matter what your experience, can be both an instrument and receiver of spiritual healing as demonstrated by another experiential exercise.

Lastly, Angie will demonstrate mediumship in a way that will help you understand how professional mediums work and show how each of us can connect and develop the intuitive abilities we have within.

Whether you are a beginner to these topics, or a seasoned student in spiritual studies, already on a spiritual path, you will leave with tools and insights to take your natural intuitive abilities and healing gifts to a new level.

If you decide you are ready to take the next step and experience higher levels of spiritual insight training, Mark and Angie will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the upcoming spring and summer opportunities to attend Spiritual Insight Training.


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