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Jar of Arkansas Quartz Crystal Points

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Quartz crystals are the manifestation of the Creator’s finest hour of expression. They are windows of light with many facets which show the myriad dimensions of life created from cosmic dust in an ever-expanding universe. Divine plan as foreordained that all expanding life revolves around one common denominator, quartz crystal. Through frozen solidified light all creation could be monitored and assisted through the evolutionary process.

Because Clear Quartz has the prismatic ability to vibrate its energy at all of the color frequencies, it not only harmonizes all of the Chakras but can teach us how to vibrate our seven Chakra centers simultaneously while maintaining perfect alignment with the light.

This variety is unusual because much of it grew as suspended or unattached crystals or cluster (burrs) in a clay mineral—rectorite. Specimens of these more unusual varieties from Arkansas are prized by collectors for their beauty and scarcity. 

We offer two size varieties of this item, a large version and a small. Each jar contains a multitude of crystal points.


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