Our Story

 Tucked in between restaurants right on Main Street, we have brought together a unique, thoughtful and inspirational selection of gifts to delight the senses. From clothing, accessories, jewelry and candles to metaphysical supplies, crystals and books, our amazing products are sourced from around the globe -including our own neighborhood. We even produce our own pure-as-can-be coconut/soy candle line. Every item at Flicker is charged with our amazing energy to be sure it brings you or your gift recipient happiness and joy.

Nothing successful comes without time, love and lots of effort...

I recall seeing spirits when I was as young as 4 years old. I thought they were "real people" and right then my mom knew I was a bit different. I've felt connected to spirit my entire life. My 60's era siblings taught me meditation techniques, how to clear negative energy and all about life paths and blueprints. Throughout the years I've been exposed and familiarized with an expanse of religions including Baptist, Judaism, Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic, Mormon  and Hindu. I have come to realize that science and religion actually merge and no matter what religion we choose, we are all one under the same creator. 

As for this business, it created itself while I was dealing with some serious issues-spinal injuries from car accidents and the fallout that had on my job and marriage. I needed a positive outlet so I began making & peddling my own line of crystal and stone jewelry in 2005. I made and sold pieces that held good energy. Some sparkly pieces reminded me of the beautiful suncatchers my sister collected. After a few years I decided to sell off my collection. Shoppers loved my pretties so much, instead of selling out, I began sourcing pieces for local area shops. Such fun!

In the meantime Mike and I became a team (I still say I manifested him for me!) He joined my business and for fun we started making candles - not just any candles but ecologically friendly and meaningful candles. Our Flicker candle line (formerly Eden Candle Works) has now grown to be much more than fun but we are exclusive to our own shop. Speaking of shops, we manifested our shop also. We just so happened to be at the right place at the right time in 2017. It was fun filling it with meaningful things we love and soon we were busting at the seams- so much that we doubled our size in 2021!!  Flicker is now filled with hand-picked crystals, gems & minerals, inspirational clothing and gifts, books and card decks, all types of jewelry, handcrafted candles, salt lamps, collectibles & fair trade items sourced locally & around the globe.  We can't wait to share it all with you!  Each and every item spends its retail days in our store full of love, light and great energy before it is ready to go to its forever home.

Thank you for stopping by - we hope you enjoy this little piece of our world.

Love, Light and blessings,


~ Let your light shine bright with a gift from Flicker 💜