Our Story

 Tucked in between restaurants right on Main Street, we have brought together a unique, thoughtful and inspirational selection of gifts to delight the senses. From clothing, accessories, jewelry and candles to metaphysical supplies, crystals and books, our amazing products are sourced from around the globe -including our own neighborhood. We even produce our own pure-as-can-be coconut soy wax candle line. Every item at Flicker is charged with our amazing energy to be sure it brings you or your gift recipient happiness and joy.

Nothing successful comes without time, love and lots of effort...

Make Love Not War. Growing up in the 60's was pretty interesting. New Age style thinking was just that - New. Viet Nam was in full swing and every life was precious. I was the youngest of 6 and my sibs were all teens during this time.  There were as many protests about the war as there were young men getting drafted. James Dean, Elvis and the Beetles were heartthrobs while American Bandstand and Soul Train were the in-things to watch. To capture the vibe, one sunshiney day my Mom let us paint bohemian flowers all over her VW microbus. My brothers dipped my 4 year old feet in paint and held me up so I could walk all over the van leaving colorful footprints trekking amongst the flowers. It was a sight to behold as all the neighbors came out to see the painted up van. The Partridge family had nothing on us!! It was one of my happiest family memories.  

This too Shall Pass. Just as rainy days eventually give way to rainbows and sunshine, so do sunny days turn cloudy. I learned this lesson way too early. Following that awesome summer of Love, everything I knew imploded starting with my oldest brother, Ray, getting drafted and sent to VietNam. What followed was many years of hardship. If I listed everything, it would fill up this website. My mom fell into depression but instead of wallowing she started seeking answers through various religious organizations. I felt at home. I recall seeing spirits and hearing "radio noise" when I was as young as 4 years old. I didn't understand it was unusual. My Mom believed me though. I met people and learned from all faiths and walks of life. My sisters taught me how to meditate, about life paths, Akashic records and creating our own blueprints. I learned the power of manifesting through prayer. I had always felt this strong connection but my logical mind made me think I was just crazy.  The older I got and the more I manifested, I realized I'm not crazy after all as I have manifested a number of nearly impossible things. I have no doubt there is a higher power who will answer us in unexpected ways.

I started using crystal energy in 2003 when I picked up beading as a new meditative hobby. I felt the energy of the stones so I researched the properties then made and sold intention pieces.  After dealing with some serious issues-spinal injuries from car accidents and the fallout that had on my job and previous marriage, I decided to sell off my collection at a local flea market. Shoppers loved my pretties so much, instead of selling out, I began sourcing pieces for local area shops. Such fun! My hobby turned into a business and I created and managed Sparkle Wholesale for over 10 years. 

When Mike and I moved the business to Hamburg, we became Flicker Gifts to incorporate the amazing candles we were making. We wanted our shop to be unique but also to feel welcoming, cheerful, inspirational and interesting. We  searched the globe to find products that enrich lives & are made with good intentions because how we treat people is everything.

Flicker is now filled with hand-picked crystals, gems & minerals, inspirational gifts & clothing, books, card decks, all types of jewelry, handcrafted candles, salt lamps, collectibles & more! Each and every item spends its retail days in our store full of love, light and great energy before it is ready to go to its forever home and we can't wait to share it all with you! We hope our products make you feel good, enhance your life and inspire goodness in your heart.   

Thank you for stopping by - we hope you enjoy this little piece of our world.

Love, Light and blessings,

Diana & Mike

~ Let your light shine bright with a gift from Flicker 💜